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Why building your savings in a Covid-19 Economy might be a bad idea

Why building your savings in a Covid-19 Economy might be a bad idea By Asubiaro Samuel Busayo Head Consultant Sprout Business Support. Exchange rate forcast from Recently, I got a data analysis contract from an Australian client, I charged him 300 USD; I was ecstatic, why? Because the value of a dollar against the naira had suddenly increased due to the COVID 19 outbreak; there is an increase in the demand for dollars by the government to purchase medical supplies for treatments of patients. So, more international contracts, more income!!! But the other side of the coin is that the Nigerian economy is a reactive economy rather than a proactive economy, which suffers from international shocks because of our habitual importation. Hence, a reduction in the value of a naira against the dollar translates to increase prices of almost all goods in the economy (because we will pay countries we import from in their local currency usually in USD). So,

Why people fail at Network Marketing

Reasons Why People Fail In Network Marketing By Asubiaro Samuel Busayo Head Consultant Sprout Business Support. There are people everywhere who have failed at network marketing, as there are people everywhere who have failed from everything, no matter how simple and compelling it is. In every system, there are always rules, here are some of the reasons people fail in network marketing. REASONS WHY PEOPLE FAIL IN NETWORK MARKETING They have no goals and dreams , so they are confused and lost. They promise according to their hopes but perform according to their fears. They have no commitment. They have poor record keeping of their transaction They are interested in personal profits rather than that of their downlines They do not keep up appointments They do not follow up prospects. They give up soon, remember this is no get-rich-quick scheme. They get discouraged They lack self esteem They are lazy They do not edify sponso

How you can earn every time you load airtime

How you can earn everytime you load airtime How you can earn every time you load airtime (Avaliable in Nigeria, sierra leone and Liberia Recharge and get paid (RAGP) is a revolutionary network marketing business currently available in three west african countries which makes you earn from the most purchase product in the region today If the rich tells you something about money, believe it; its how they became and remain rich. Network marketing is the next wave to growing wealth and earning residual income. Residual income is income earned over time from particular persons, who use a product or service , For instance, the writer of the popular Champion leagues anthem is paid a residual income. He was not paid at once when he wrote the song but every time the song is played before a match, he earns an amount of money, he has been earning that since 1994 Residual income is why Micheal Jackson is richer in death than when he was alive. You see unlike selling an

12 Benefits of Network Marketing

12 Benefits of Network Marketing By Asubiaro Samuel Busayo Head Consultant Sprout Business Support. Bill Gates's Quote on Network Marketing Source: Benefits of Network Marketing Financial Freedom: Network Marketing allows you to earn unlimited level of income It requires a low capital investment and the set-up cost is alos less It is risk free No qualification and experience are necessary obviously a person should know to read and write English or any language of the region It can be done on a part time basis and as such it is a good multiple source of income This business has unlimited income potential. This business generates passive income. After building a successful network the business continues without your presence also. The income is continuous in nature and can be inherited by your spouse and children (depending on the company) There are opportunities to travel because most of the network marketing companies offer incentive trips


WHY NETWORK MARKETING (MLM) WHY NETWORK MARKETING (MLM) Network Marketing Introduction This age of wealth creation which we live is one of creation by the network, the wealthiest companies are those with networks of   companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook; these organizations have a string of companies attached to their parent companies, the wealthiest individuals are those with a network of financial links such as Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates; all these have interconnected wealth creation channels in the real and financial markets, giving them leverage well above the average income earner 21st-century wealth cannot be created by a single string of income. Robert Kiyosaki- Author of best seller book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" Network Marketing is a system whereby people tell others to buy a product or service to do a particular act or to accept or follow a concept and thereby get rewarded for making the recommendations. Network Market