12 Benefits of Network Marketing

12 Benefits of Network Marketing


Asubiaro Samuel Busayo
Head Consultant
Sprout Business Support.
Bill Gates's Quote on Network Marketing Source: pitiya.com

Benefits of Network Marketing

  1. Financial Freedom: Network Marketing allows you to earn unlimited level of income
  2. It requires a low capital investment and the set-up cost is alos less
  3. It is risk free
  4. No qualification and experience are necessary obviously a person should know to read and write English or any language of the region
  5. It can be done on a part time basis and as such it is a good multiple source of income
  6. This business has unlimited income potential.
  7. This business generates passive income. After building a successful network the business continues without your presence also. The income is continuous in nature and can be inherited by your spouse and children (depending on the company)
  8. There are opportunities to travel because most of the network marketing companies offer incentive trips to other countries around the world for successful and achieving networkers/distributors
  9. There is a plenty of recognition in the network marketing business. You will be honored and recognized for your achievements
  10. There are plenty of opportunities to develop yourself, you will be exposed to lots of training, motivation programmes and seminars. You will have a chance to develop your character and become a good leader.
  11. For those who like to help others this is a good opportunity to help people realize and fulfil their dreams.
  12. The business is fun to build since it is a people’s business You will have the opportunity to meet people from all parts of the world

If you are concerned about personality development and growth rather than financial gain It is not even uncommon to see financially successful people quit their Job to get involved in network marketing which is a life changing business opportunity.

Here are some of the skills you can learn from network marketing.



  1. Leadership Skills
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Public relationship Skills
  4. Skills to conquer personal fears, doubts and lack of confidence
  5. Skills for handling fear of rejection
  6. Financial management tools
  7. Goal setting Tools
  8. Skills in systematization
  9. Helps you create a vision management skill.

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