Why people fail at Network Marketing

Reasons Why People Fail In Network Marketing


Asubiaro Samuel Busayo
Head Consultant
Sprout Business Support.

There are people everywhere who have failed at network marketing, as there are people everywhere who have failed from everything, no matter how simple and compelling it is. In every system, there are always rules, here are some of the reasons people fail in network marketing.


  1. They have no goals and dreams , so they are confused and lost.
  2. They promise according to their hopes but perform according to their fears.
  3. They have no commitment.
  4. They have poor record keeping of their transaction
  5. They are interested in personal profits rather than that of their downlines
  6. They do not keep up appointments
  7. They do not follow up prospects.
  8. They give up soon, remember this is no get-rich-quick scheme.
  9. They get discouraged
  10. They lack self esteem
  11. They are lazy
  12. They do not edify sponsors and downlines
  13. They blame others for their failures
  14. They pose and unprofessional appearances
  15. They take “No” as personal insult
  16. They depend on spillovers in the compensation plan

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