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Launching a business Entreprise in a Digital world (First things First)

By Asubiaro Samuel Busayo Head Consultant Sprout Business Support. Launching a business Enterprise in a Digital World (First things First) The art of starting a business in these times has undergone significant changes in a decade –on – decade comparison. In the past, business and economy has developed through several stages the industrial age, in the times when Henry Ford built his assembly line for mass production of Ford Cars, Mary Kay built her first make up firm and when John D. Rockefeller built his Standard Oil Conglomerate.    The media age, which came about through the creation of media houses such as Ted Turner’s CNN,   Charles-Louis Havas’s Agence France-Presse and the BBC; multinational and multi-millionaire dollar Media houses and the boom, the creation of computer software and hardware moguls such as Apple Inc. ®, Microsoft®, Hewlett-Packard®. These periods of business had their opportunities and their accompanyin

Welcome to the New Economy

By Asubiaro Samuel Busayo Head Consultant Sprout Business Support. Living in the New Economy You probably heard these words at least once in your life ‘Go to school, get a good grade and get a good Job and settle down’. No one said ‘Go to school, whatever you study, learn entrepreneurial skills, and above all learn how to make money work for you’ but this is the obvious reality of the 21 st century. We have to come into a time where a persistent learning attitude is the only security for continuous income. The most wealthiest and influential people on earth today have one thing in common, a continuous and undying thirst for knowledge.   The economy we live on today is knowledge backed and knowledge driven; here are the reasons why the new economy is knowledge based Increased Technological advancement: Moore’s Law is the observation that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years.