Launching a business Entreprise in a Digital world (First things First)

Asubiaro Samuel Busayo
Head Consultant
Sprout Business Support.

Launching a business Enterprise in a Digital World (First things First)

The art of starting a business in these times has undergone significant changes in a decade –on – decade comparison. In the past, business and economy has developed through several stages the industrial age, in the times when Henry Ford built his assembly line for mass production of Ford Cars, Mary Kay built her first make up firm and when John D. Rockefeller built his Standard Oil Conglomerate.   The media age, which came about through the creation of media houses such as Ted Turner’s CNN,  Charles-Louis Havas’s Agence France-Presse and the BBC; multinational and multi-millionaire dollar Media houses and the boom, the creation of computer software and hardware moguls such as Apple Inc. ®, Microsoft®, Hewlett-Packard®. These periods of business had their opportunities and their accompanying challenges, however, they  cumulated into the vast digital the business world in existence today. 

The most significant addition to business to this day is the digital revolution.  The possibility of maximization of a visible and active business network, the creation of leverage in terms of sales and partial or total automation of sales. To take advantage of these opportunities as a start-up business, there are three important structures that cannot be overlooked in launching into business in a digital age.

  •  Blog/Website: Take it or leave it, this is the information age, and having something is no longer enough reason to buy, people want to know what you are selling, how you are selling (your delivery package), your refund/return policy, after-sales,and customer service policies and then compare them to your competitors in the same industry. This information can be provided on your website help people make informed purchase decisions and even make purchases through e-commerce. Depending on the type of business you operate, a  Blog/Website helps you partially or totally automate sales, these help to build and maintain a network of customers and  leverage customers; At Sprout Business Support we make colorful and informative website/blogs that attract and maintains an ever-enlarging consumer base. Request for a presentation via
  •       Social Media Platform; Yes, I know that is intuitive, but some salient secrets must be highlighted. First in setting up social media accounts for your business, make sure it is distinctive from your personal account, this allows your business to be an online separate entity while allowing you to be very expressive both on your personal profiles and business profiles. Sometimes in our interaction with the people over the internet, we unanimously create enemies, you don’t want to lose a potential customer and his entire network due to some misunderstood tweet based on your personal beliefs because your personal social media pages also double as your business pages. Read on how to open a business Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.
Second, pick the same or similar usernames across all platforms, for buyers to easily find your business. Finally, engage in business and industry-related discussions and join an online community of similar buyers or sellers of your product or service, this will create an online presence for your business and awareness to potential buyers or partners.
  •        Digital marketing: You cannot create leverage simply from your immediate network, digital marketing through Google Ads Words, Facebook Ads, Twitter ads  and Instagram Ads    as well as other social media platforms, allows you to speak to a wider range of audiences based on classes of interest and demographic characteristics about your products or services. It also creates traffic and followers for the business blog/website and social media platforms to create a curring consumer base. Here at Sprout business Support, we help you create business leverage by reaching thousands of customers across the internet through network marketing. Request a presentation at

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