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Top 9 Software that increases your business growth without additional cost

Starting, launching, and running a business  with the right tools makes it much easier. With the  advent of better business technology and business models, business owners can benefit from cost-saving and profit-increasing business applications and software. Here are   10 outstanding software applications and how they help your business save cost, and helps you increase growth and profit. Canva  Handwritten PDF e-signatures  Inigo LinkedIn UNUM Mint (Budgeting) Appypie (Create your Own App) Evernote Canva ( Available on Andriod, iOS, and Webapp) Canva is a graphic designing application that allows you and your team to create stunning graphic designs to launch your social media advertisements. The app has all templates for all social media platforms and even a short YouTube ad feature. It has a free basic plan which gives you all the privileges except premium photos and resizing. What more? Learn more from 2. (Available on Webapp Only) Get paid faster w

10 Business Ideas a Nigerian can start with minimum capital and skill

Asubiaro Samuel Busayo Head Consultant Sprout Business Support Start a Business Now! Photo Credit: Fit Express   So you want to make some extra bucks, or the pandemic has knocked you off your job, Whichever it is, here are 10 business ideas you can begin immediately with minimum capital and no special skills Some weeks ago, I uploaded a post Welcome to the new economy , read it to understand we are in an information age driven by digital advancement in all sectors of the economy. Therefore, these ideas may not deliver optimally if you do not carry out digital marketing, and open a small website as a landing and contact page for your online customers.  1.       Network Marketing 2.       Blogging 3.       Video Classes on Udemy (Skill based) 4.       Making homemade consumables (Soap) 5.       Private Tutorials 6.       Trading Cryptocurrency  7.      Snail Farming 8.       YouTuber 9.       Dropshipping 10.   Plantain Chips Production and