Top 9 Software that increases your business growth without additional cost

Starting, launching, and running a business with the right tools makes it much easier. With the advent of better business technology and business models, business owners can benefit from cost-saving and profit-increasing business applications and software. Here are  10 outstanding software applications and how they help your business save cost, and helps you increase growth and profit.
  1. Canva 
  3. Handwritten PDF e-signatures 
  4. Inigo
  5. LinkedIn
  6. UNUM
  7. Mint (Budgeting)
  8. Appypie (Create your Own App)
  9. Evernote

  1. Canva ( Available on Andriod, iOS, and Webapp)

Canva is a graphic designing application that allows you and your team to create stunning graphic designs to launch your social media advertisements. The app has all templates for all social media platforms and even a short YouTube ad feature. It has a free basic plan which gives you all the privileges except premium photos and resizing. What more? Learn more from

2. (Available on Webapp Only)

Get paid faster with well-designed, customizable, and professional invoices that make it easier for your clients to pay you anytime, anywhere. allows you to online payments, online accounting for business owners with little or no accounting experience, and also integrate with 3rd party applications that help you run your business seamlessly.  The free version can be used for  Multiple Businesses Add Unlimited Clients and 5 Invoices Per Month.

3. Handwritten PDF e-signatures (Available for Andriod only)

As a small business owner, you deal you with suppliers, customers, and several others who may try to take advantage of you. It is crucial to always have contractual agreements with your customers, especially service providers. This Application allows you to electronically sign your documents absolutely free without having to print, sign, scan, and send. It has a rating of 4.6 on google play from  6,677 votes. You can download the app from Google play store

4. Inigo (Available for  Andriod & iOS)

1.    Inigo is an app that allows you to generate your business card and share it on social media. The app is absolutely easy to use.  The free version has several features such as Designing an unlimited number of cards track up to 10 cards a month (Analytics), Store an unlimited number of contacts, and Universal search for contact info. There is also a premium version with more features. Click inigoapp to find out more and install the app.

5. LinkedIn(Available for Andriod, iOS, & Webapp)

LinkedIn is the number one networking platform for the corporate and business world. The app allows you to build a network of people of like minds and learn from the very best in your industry. If you are a service provider, you very likely to pick up jobs and new clients. Open your profile @

6. UNUM (Available for Andriod, iOs, and Webapp)


UNUM is Canva with a sauce. The application allows you to edit photos videos and also schedule your social media post for up to 3 weeks. 

7. Mint  (Available for Andriod, iOS, and Google Play).

Mint puts your financial life into one place with the click of a mouse and makes it easy to understand. The app also produces your financial score to keep abreast of your financial status while also comparing your investment portfolio with the market benchmark. The app is indeed a top money manager an entrepreneur needs. You can read more and download the app at

8. Appype ( No-coding App and Website creation platform)


Appypie allows business owners with zero coding experience to create business mobile applications, websites, and chatbots to communicate with customers. Appypie is the platform of the future that helps to digitalize your business with a few clicks and reach a wider audience.  To learn more and start your creating your own app, click

9.  Evernote (Available for Andriod, iOS, and Google Play).

Evernote helps you keep your ideas in one place, organizes your notes, and increases your productivity. The free version gives specified templates for different kinds of writings, search for unique handwritings, scan paper documents, find information in doc and PDF formats, and save your favorite web pages directly from the web. The premium version allows for more organization. You can learn more at

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