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Business Systems; Why you need them so badly in your startup.

Credit: tashatuvango - Fotolia  Copyright: tashatuvango - Fotolia "Systems run your business, people (or computers) run your business" - Richard James  The human body is a complex framework. The body is organized as  Molecules to cells to tissues to organs to systems to organisms; this   makes the body. The reason for the sustainability of your actions of survival such as digestion, respiration, reproduction (***Coughs***)... is based on the functioning SYSTEMS  in your body. These systems make living seems seamless, that is exactly what systems do to your business, they smoothen your operations not just once but in a repeatable fashion.  A business without systems is inconsistent and hectic to run, dissatisfies customers, losses great workers, and in the end, loses money.   Business Systems are crucial to the sustainability and profitability of your business.  Since they make your actions and operations easily repeatable  People buy impressions before they buy products. Bus