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Top 4 Social Media Marketing Platforms

  Digital Marketing We all run advertise whether it is small business owners or multinationals, or people simply advertise themselves to get jobs, make new friends or hook up to a new spouse 😘😘 Hehe!!.  In Essence, we all want to get the word out of a new product or service, or the kind people we are or the life we live.  So in this post, I am telling you about top digital marketing channels for you get your business, product, service out. Hmmm, If you need advice on how to hook up to a new spouse, I will suggest you make money first Lol! WhatsApp is the most active social media platform in the country with 85% of active internet users having an account. However, it is not included in this list as this list is limited to apps that allow sponsored ads to reach a larger audience.   Let's Go   Facebook  Facebook is a popular global social networking website. Facebook is one of the  world's most valuable companies . It is considered one of the  Big Five  technology companies alon