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Digital Marketing
We all run advertise whether it is small business owners or multinationals, or people simply advertise themselves to get jobs, make new friends or hook up to a new spouse 😘😘 Hehe!!.

 In Essence, we all want to get the word out of a new product or service, or the kind people we are or the life we live. 

So in this post, I am telling you about top digital marketing channels for you get your business, product, service out. Hmmm, If you need advice on how to hook up to a new spouse, I will suggest you make money first Lol!

WhatsApp is the most active social media platform in the country with 85% of active internet users having an account. However, it is not included in this list as this list is limited to apps that allow sponsored ads to reach a larger audience.  

Let's Go 

  1.  Facebook 

Facebook is a popular global social networking website. Facebook is one of the world's most valuable companies. It is considered one of the Big Five technology companies along with MicrosoftAmazonApple, and Google.

 Our research shows that of the 24.5 million active social media account owners in Nigeria, 78% are active on Facebook which makes it the second most used social media platform in the world behind only WhatsApp. 

This further makes more sense when you realise Facebook is the most searched word on google.  

These numbers make Facebook the primary home for digital marketing and have a far greater reach than other social media platforms. 

To run a Facebook ad, you must have a fan page for your business and the price is about $5 per day. 

2. Instagram

Instagram is a strong platform to place your brand in front of millions of viewers.  Instagram posts have quite a high conversion rate of 1.08%. Even though it’s lower than Facebook (1.85%) it still surpasses Twitter (0.77%) or Pinterest (0.54%). 

Instagram. Pictures and Videos have proven to be a good way for promoting a brand however, there are levels of effectiveness to this. If you are considering running online ads Instagram is a great place to get leads

The price of an Instagram ad is about $0.7 to $3.0 , and is based on CPC (Cost per clicks) it varies based on preferences you make. 

3. YouTube


Text ads are good, picture ads are better, but video ads are the best. When done right, Video ads grab the attention of your target customers and great lead leads for your business.  of the 24 million active internet users in Nigeria,  54% are active on YouTube

It will also interest you to know that from Our research; Youtube ads (Direct or Indirect) receives 62% more attention than traditional television.

Direct advertisement receives 45% attention while Youtube,

Indirect advertisements has an 84% chance of response than television advertising  (business of apps,  2020)

4. Twitter


Twitter is our number 4 pick on the best places to run your ads.

Twitter reports that 1.32 million can be reached with its adverts in Nigeria with a quarter on quarter growth of 4.4%, the reports showed that there are 1.75 million people with which adverts on snap chat can be reached where 56% are females and 40% are males and a 6.1% quarter on quarter growth.

So there you have it, the top 4 social media marketing platform where you can place your business in front of millions of potential customers. 


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